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Woodkid is back with desert sounds, but Run Boy Run has never left us

Woodkid is back with desert sounds, Run Boy Run has never left us - Sound Identity blog

Woodkid has always been with us…through commercials and trailers

After a break, Woodkid has come back closer to the musical world with Desierto soundtrack, a 2015 Mexican thriller film directed by Jonás Cuarón.​


Woodkid Soundtrack

Woodkid, Yoann Lemoine, is a French graphic designer, music video director, musician and composer.

As a music video director, we already know him for his works: Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream”,Taylor Swift‘s single “Back to December”, Lana Del Rey‘s “Born to Die”.

About music, Woodkid realized a lot of notable works in such a short time, and marketing and advertising specialists didn’t fail to use this opportunity!

On March 18 2013, he released his first album titled The Golden Age, that includes “Run Boy Run“, a single recorded in 2011 but released in 2012.

This track is everywhere….have you noticed it?

Vodafone 2013 – Add Power

O2 Priority Sports – Powered by Nike+

GoPro HERO4 – The Adventure of Life in 4K

Sky Sports Campaign – Opening of FL72 – Football League


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