Sound Identity interviews Sebastiano Leddi, is it all about clubbing and PR?

Whether independent director, senior producer or PR, through photos, music and great events…. let’s find out who is Seba!

A whole family of artists and musicians. Sebastiano first began to make a name for himself in the artistic world via independent cinema. Whether independent director, senior producer representing talented photographer or PR for the golden world of Milanese clubbing.

Sound Identity: What is it that ties everything together?

Sebastiano Leddi: It’s difficult to find a real connection between these three activities. I look at them as three different parts of my personality: a creative side, a managerial side and a sort of “philanthropy” that I have always felt. I recently discovered that I can be many different things, which was something that used to worry me when I thought about my identity. I am certain however, that directing is now a thing of the past for me.

Sound Identity: What is the perfect mix for a night to work? What is it that creates hype?

Sebastiano Leddi: The basis of it all is an idea, which is expressed through both image and communication.

During the promotional phase, it is important to have something truly valid in order to capture people’s attention among the myriad of options that the public is bombarded with.

Music is of course the most important thing at a party, it determines the whole mood. Having said that, I think the PR is the real issue, especially in a city like Milan.

Sound Identity: You brought your network of the hundreds of different worlds that you have been a part of to Telescope and for the first time you were part of the artistic direction, including the selection of the DJs. What was this new challenge like for you?

Telescope Team

Sebastiano Leddi: The question of music has always been a complicated matter for me. I have a lot of respect for artistic directors who propose new and innovative things. But I do notice a constant repetition of the same styles in at least 3/4 different venues in our city. I personally don’t think that I am especially sophisticated in my selection and given the chance I delegate this aspect to people more qualified than myself, as was the case with The Golden Age where I worked with Claudio Fagnani, because having a clear vision of what is happening on the underground scene requires in-depth specific knowledge. What I think is important is proposing fresh, upbeat music, which is why I don’t rely too much on genres but more the mood that a certain DJ is able to construct during their performance. And then I always rely on what I define as my DJ idolCristian Zauner – who I have collaborated with for years and who is the human incarnation of the music I like best.

Claudio Fagnani

Cristian Zauner

Sound Identity: The power combo of Telescope and Beat Mansion with our very own Stefano Fontana recently came to an end. How would you define the sound identity of those nights?

Sebastiano Leddi: The Telescope/Beat Mansion combo was a House/Electro night. The sound identity was far more complex than you might think because a DJ of such calibre as Stefano Fontana always offers a very simple and enjoyable sound that is nonetheless extremely refined. I like the fact that the music at our parties is always easy to listen to but also able to satisfy the more demanding “palate”.

Stefano Fontana – Beat Mansion + Telescope

Sound Identity: What type of night/event/festival do you think works in Italy and what do you think is missing?

Sebastiano Leddi: If we think of a party as a product designed for the market, I would say that what works best are nights that draw inspiration from events in the European capitals of electronic music, Berlin and Ibiza. There are Milanese formats that put on exactly what is happening at Berghain, often with a complete lack of imagination.

What happens very rarely in Italy is greater development of the artistic content of an event. Often the whole thing is limited to a focus on the music, but let’s not forget that we could add decoration, performers, lighting and video to make the party experience decidedly more interesting.

Sebastiano Leddi – Telescope

Sound Identity: How do you reconcile the daytime Sebastiano with the Sebastiano of the night – clubbing, PR and music?

Sebastiano Leddi: I don’t like to think of myself as a night person. I prefer to think that my days are very long, starting in the morning and often finishing very late. I don’t want to be associated with nightlife because those people often have a very dark side, while I consider myself a very sunny person. When I try to explain what it is that fascinates me about nightlife, I always find myself giving the same explanation; daytime people interpret a role, they are barmen, lawyers, taxi-drivers, office workers etc. During the night we are all our own self and that is how we present ourselves. A conversation between 1 and 3 am with a perfect stranger can often achieve levels of intimacy and depth that would never occur during the day. Nocturnal alchemy is something truly magical…

Sound Identity: What can you tell us about your upcoming projects and next plans?

Sebastiano Leddi: Se tiro le somme quest’anno (inteso da Settembre a oggi) ho organizzato circa 50 eventi. E’ stato sicuramente uno degli anni più prolifici da quando faccio quest’attività, sia in termini di numeri che di qualità dei progetti intrapresi. If I had to summarise this year (from September to today), I have organised approximately 50 events. It has definitely been one of my most prolific years in terms of this activity, both in terms of numbers and the quality of the projects I have undertaken.

The top 3 of the events that have given me the most satisfaction would certainly include:

  • the Boutique Festival – three days of music in the Tuscan hills with a Secret Boiler Room organised by the Elita gang who I have worked closely with all season.

Boutique Festival di Villa Lena

Secret Boiler Room, Boutique Festival di Villa Lena

  • The Golden Age, four editions of this new format with international guests at the Wall in Milan, again with Elita and Golab Agency.

Mammarella – The Golden Age

Ralf – The Golden Age

  • The private event to celebrate 50 years of Vans during the Salone del Mobile.

And I can’t leave out my own continuous project, Telescope, which I work on with Nicola Gemello. This year it reached some very unexpected highs.

As for future projects, there are many ideas on the table but nothing is yet confirmed so I’ll avoid talking about them for now!

Sound Identity: What track gets you psyched up?

Sebastiano Leddi: The Best Of You dei Foo Fighters, the live version for pure energy.


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