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Sound Identity’s adventure with the famous Excelsior Milano continues

Sound Identity’s adventure with the famous Excelsior Milano continues with video installation of the NMD sneaker collection by Adidas Originals - sound branding, marketing, branding, audio branding, music in-store, communication agency - blog sound identity

In the heart of the city stands the famous Excelsior Milano building, redesigned by acclaimed archistar Jean Nouvel, and it is here that a new chapter in the longstanding collaboration between Sound Identity and the luxury department store from the Coin group began on Thursday 17 March.

Extensive renovation work has transformed the historic building and former cinema into a new icon that is architecturally unique, technologically avantgarde and a top location for worldwide shopping.

The musical selection by Sound Identity reverberates throughout the different floors – a sophisticated and unique groove that welcomes visitors and draws them into the luxurious atmosphere.

Now Sound Identity has further developed its collaboration with Excelsior Milano by extending its innovative approach to communication to the video sector.

From video adaptations to original creative solutions, Sound Identity offers its clients another tool for promoting their brand via multiple media.

The grand debut took place in a place that is famous for its 320m² of curved LED maxi-screens. The reel of video installations that wrap the building in kaleidoscopic stripes was turned back on to celebrate the return of the NMD sneaker collection by Adidas Originals.

The new models embrace the heritage of the past and combine it with adidas BOOST inner sole technology. The leitmotiv of this collection is an eye to the future and that was the inspiration for the adidas video that we used as a starting point for the video installation on the LED walls of Excelsior Milano. An alternating series of full-HD adidas videos for the NMD campaign, enhanced with the eloquent tag line “explore – discover – experience”.


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