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Sound Identity with GQ Italy to give the new magazine its own sound identity

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The magazine for ‘contemporary gentlemen’, run by Emanuele Farneti, now has a new structure, new collaborators and a new graphic design – it was only missing a sound identity!

Since 1999, GQ Italy has reported on the styles, stories, passions and trends of the contemporary man, quickly becoming ‘The Authority on Men’.

Now GQ Italy is facing a new challenge, explains Editor Emanuele Farneti. The magazine’s goal is to reach “contemporary gentlemen who do not fear the pressure of these difficult years but are still able to enjoy life with a light-hearted approach, treating themselves to experiences and rewards of substance and quality.”

GQ Italy called in the real professionals to help them tackle this challenge and the result is a new graphic design, even more emphasis on male style and culture and an elegant and catchy sound strategy.

The new GQ Italy is therefore launching with an air of modernity and foresight, in part thanks to the sound identity that we, Sound Identity Communication, were delighted to work on. It consists of a sound logo to be used on all communication for the magazine and an original soundtrack that will lead us on discovery of the next issue in every video.

GQ Italy is the first Italian magazine to develop its own sound branding, which reveals its commitment to offering the public current content and communication strategies that keep on top of the most innovative trends.


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