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The first Vocal Social Network App is here: share your sound with ToTape

Totape vocal social network - post Sound Identity blog

Finally an entirely audio-based social network: the name is Totape and it is the first social network to be entirely based on voice and audio.

Users communicate via tapes, or rather, audio and/or vocal posts of up to 100 seconds that are recorded directly through the ToTape app in real time.

Having recorded their tape, users can insert hashtags (#), mention other profiles (@) and upload their own images or choose from the patterns available in the app gallery. The tapes can then be commented, vocally of course, or labelled with a sound emoticon.

There are also some interesting tools available with which to edit the recordings, such as the tool for mixing two or more tapes.

Users can then share their tapes on Facebook and Twitter with audio-streaming.

Totape vocal social network - post Sound Identity blog

A fast and immediate way to show the world how you play or sing, show off your excellent speaking voice, share your ideas and generally charm your followers with your voice.

What’s more, the ToTape app also contains a section dedicated to channels: a selection of themed audio channels developed and run by companies, editors, sponsors, producers, bloggers and talents.

Totape vocal social network - post Sound Identity blog

The channels area offers an extra tool for constructing a sound showcase with which to explain who you are and what services your company offers, let your brand ambassadors literally speak for themselves, create features and establish regular appointments with your followers.

This app recognises the power of sound and voice by creating emotional connections between people and between brands and consumers. Make the most of this interesting new challenge and explore the potential offered by this combination of social communication, consisting of brief posts and sharing, and the world of sound branding.

The ToTape app is free and is available now on iOS and Android.

Give your posts a voice!


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