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Calvin Klein and the involvement of music stars

Calvin Klein and the involvement of music stars - digital viral campaign, marketing, sound, music, promotion - Blog Sound Identity

The Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein partnership continues with ever catchier campaigns.

The 2015 Calvin Klein Jeans Spring campaign directed by Johan Renck is a pleasant memory: Justin Bieber, alongside the beautiful Lara Stone, got things going to the beat of the drum (not always in time though).

This time round Calvin Klein offers us a whole gang of celebrities, including many faces from the world of music.

Appearances are made by: hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, rapper Fetty Wap, British singer-songwriter, musician and dancer FKA Twigs, rapper and co-founder of hip-hop collective Pro Era Joey Bada$$, Puerto Rican artist from the independent scene Destiny Frasqueri and many more.

The man behind the camera was photographer and film-maker Tyrone Lebon. This campaign wasn’t just about immortalising static, pre-packaged photos, but capturing moments from the set that convey the illusion of being one-on-one with these huge jet set names. This is the feeling of this behind-the-scenes style video in which sound is alternated with whispers, songs and raps.

The campaign already looks like a memorable one. Worldwide cover involving each of the brand’s lines (jeans, underwear and collection) which has already become a huge success in terms of social media.

It was Calvin Klein to kick things off by tweeting this:

justin bieber my calvins calvin klein - #mycalvins campaign, marketing, adv, advertising, promotion, digital, viral, music star testimonial - Soundidentity blog

The strength of this campaign lies in its involvement of the public, putting the fans first and foremost. The artists sing for them and the brand itself appeals to them, inviting them to participate.

The new tagline is “I_______in #mycalvins” and everybody can fill in the blank with their own perspective. It may have been Justin Bieber who started with “I glow in #mycalvins” but the real action will be the engagement that we will soon be seeing online.


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