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Which celebrity sells the most? Discover the ranking of most ‘marketable’ artists

Discover the ranking of most ‘marketable’ music artists - Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga - marketing, social media, digital viral communication promotion, advertising, campaign, branding - Sound Identity blog

Can a ranking of the most ‘marketable’ artists really be established for Show Business, an industry where it is the emotions that count?

British media research company Repucom gave it a go.

The tool used to create the ranking was the Davie-Brown Index, an indicator that quantifies the use of images and/or work of a certain artist for marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns.

This database, created by The Marketing Arms, helps us understand a person’s ability to determine brand affinity and influence consumer buying behaviour. To date it has monitored over 8,000 celebrities from all over the world, including artists, film stars, TV personalities, athletes and business leaders.

Taylor Swift, queen of American Pop, came out on top. She has recently collaborated with Sony and Coca-Cola among many other brands. In second place is Justin Timberlake, the only man to place in the Top Five. They are followed successively by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

The rest of the Top Ten includes Snoop Dogg, Nick Jonas, Britney Spears, Nicky Minaj and Bruno Mars.

This research reveals how important social media engagement really is: a star like Taylor Swift has almost 150 million followers on Facebook and Twitter alone, which just goes to show what makes a person attractive in the ‘eyes’ of a marketing manager.


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