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Founder & Creative Director
Stefano Fontana

Stefano discovered hip hop at the age of 12 and instantly knew he wanted to be a DJ when he grew up. The world of producing was initially a passion and then a full-time job: he writes and produces music for himself and other people and has travelled the world for 20 years with his project Stylophonic. ‘Sound’ has always been his mantra and it dictates the way he approaches every decision, every challenge and every idea. He founded Sound Identity to bring the mental approach of a DJ to creative thought and apply sound to the world of communication.

Event Manager
Niccolò Bonazzon

Niccolò was given a drum at the age of three and hasn’t gone a day without music since. After studying marketing and communication, he went on to specialise in projects in the Music & Entertainment industry, frequently managing large music events both nationally and internationally.

Creative director
Andrea Paulicelli

Andrea began his career as a designer for Momo and Momodesign while still a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Nineties Milan. He later went on to found Mamadesignlab, the creative hub for design, graphics and web communication that he still runs today. His musical experience as a saxophonist, his passion for sports such as skating and surfing and design all represent fertile terrain for new forms of communication and design. It’s just a question of speaking the language of creativity.

Blog Editor
Valeria Scarponi

Valeria handles the development of integrated marketing. She has explored many different areas within this field, from fashion to culture via Public Utilities.
The world of music is a new challenge and an opportunity to further expand her horizons: there is no sector that cannot be improved by the right soundtrack.

Sound Designer
Mattia Cerri

He was playing his first records at 13 and instantly became fanatical about all DJ and production technology. His world consists of mixers, controllers, turntables and computers: all the tools he needs to express his passion. His relentless passion for exploring the most advanced technological solutions led him to become a producer and sound designer.

R&D Director
Adriano Clemente

With one degree in psychology and another in composition and computer arrangement from the Saint Louis College of Music, Adriano’s love for music began with classical piano studies and grew with computers and technology. Sound design is his world, along with audio and video installations, musical production for films and online content. He lives in New York where he is director of Dubspot Labs.

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